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LIT.AM History

About Selling 50% of Our Company

Компания LIT.AM

We are offering to sell 50% of our company shares. This is a unique opportunity for investors to invest in our successful and innovative business. We have returned as a mature project that will help you reach new heights.

In 2017, We Started from a Small Garage in Artsakh

Маленький гараж в Арцахе

We quickly expanded and became known outside Artsakh, serving customers not only from our city. In 2020, like many others, we faced difficult times due to military actions and adverse circumstances, which forced us to temporarily suspend operations.

We Are Back, and Our Team is Ready to Take the Project to the Next Level

This time, we give you the opportunity to acquire 50% of our company.

What Does LIT.AM Offer to Your Customers and Partners?

Announcements Platform: Our announcements platform will allow your customers to post and discover various offers, helping them find interesting opportunities to collaborate with other members of your platform.

Marketplace: Your customers will be able to use the marketplaces provided by your company to access a wide range of products and services offered by your partners.

Rental and Booking Services: Our rental and booking services will provide your customers with convenient access to various properties for rent and the full range of services offered by your company and your partners.

Offers for Partners

Access to a Wide Audience: Our marketplace and message board provide a unique opportunity for your business to reach millions of users worldwide, giving your product or service maximum visibility.

Flexible Sales Options: We offer a range of sales options, including standard commercial transactions and unique auctions, allowing our partners to choose the best sales strategies for their needs.

Logistics Solutions for Shipping: Our innovative logistics system ensures fast and efficient delivery of goods anywhere in the world, making your business global.

Potential Income Sources

Возможные источники дохода

Profit from the Sale of Services and Goods: Your main sources of income will be based on the sale of various services and goods through our platform.

Sale at Auction: You will receive a percentage of auction sales, where users can bid and buy various goods and services.

Advertising Revenue: We will provide advertising opportunities on the platform for businesses that want to highlight their products and services.

Online CRM System for Management

Онлайн CRM система

Always Online: Access your business at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Everything at Your Fingertips: A unified system for all business processes, from sales to finance.

Less Routine: Automation of daily tasks frees up time for development.

Connected Team: Increased coordination and communication among employees.

Data-Driven: Decision-making is supported by up-to-date analytical data.

Why and What We Do

Наша миссия

Our Mission: To create a digital space where users can freely share, buy, sell, rent, and participate in exciting auctions. We provide a convenient platform for ordering goods and services at any time.

Our Main Plan

Наш основной план

Global Sales in B2B and B2C Sectors: We are entering the global sales market, actively developing and expanding our presence in B2B and B2C segments.

Online Representation of the Armenian Brand: We are becoming the leading online representative of the Armenian brand, capitalizing on unique cultural and business opportunities to stand out on the international stage.

Leadership in Online Services

B2B (Business-to-Business)


Involves the sale of goods or services from one company to another. Examples include raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, consulting firms. Characterized by long-term transactions, large orders, complex negotiations, and often longer sales cycles.

B2C (Business-to-Consumer)

Involves the sale of goods or services directly to the end consumer. Examples include retail stores, e-commerce websites, hospitality services. Characterized by short-term transactions, frequent and small orders.

By Acquiring Our Project, You Get:

Наш проект
  • A website capable of serving B2B and B2C markets
  • A mobile application for convenient access to our services
  • A CRM management system for efficiently managing business processes and interactions with customers
  • A ready-made business system for achieving business success
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and you\\\\\'ll get 75,000 ֏ to your bonus account!


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